Morzine- the secret hideaways…

By August 22, 2012Latest News, Morzine
Alpage de Graydon near Morzine

The chapel at Alpage de Graydon near Morzine with the Roc d’Enfer in the background

Morzine is a fairly busy Alpine resort, even in the summer long after the snow has melted.  There are however some wonderful hidden gems within walking distance of this bustling town where you can feel as though you are in the middle of nowhere.  One of my favourite spots is the Alpage de Graydon.  Only a 15 minute drive or half day hike from Morzine, this tiny mountain hamlet exudes peace and quiet.

Graydon is only inhabited in summer as it is not really accessible in the winter and there are only a few residents with most of the other properties just being used for holidays.  You can visit the dairy where the farmer milks the cows on a two legged stool!  Here you can buy several of the cheeses local to the Morzine area, Tomme de Savoie, Tomme de Chevre, Reblochon and Abondance.  These cheeses are an absolute must try if visiting the area and you can’t beat buying them direct from the producer- they are actually a comparable price to buying in the supermarket anyway.

Slightly further up from the dairy is the mountain refuge //,refuge-de-graydon.htm which is open to hikers from 01/06 to 30/09.  There is also a lovely little restaurant just below the chapel.  Here you can have plates of the local cheeses and charcuterie, fondue, tartliflette, steaks, ice creams and a variety of other dishes.

From Graydon you can head up on many of the hiking paths around the Roc d’Enfer and from the top gain amazing views over Morzine and the surrounding areas.  If you are staying in or around Morzine during the summer then be sure not to miss this wonderful place.