Terms & Conditions

*Please ask for our current booking terms and payment dates in relation to Covid-19.*

The following booking conditions form the basis of your contract with Chez Toi. Please ensure that you read them carefully, and contact us with any questions immediately. We do advise taking out an adequate travel insurance policy to cover any unforeseen events that may occur, and are in no relation to us or your booking.


  • Making a booking.

To make a booking with Chez Toi you must contact us by email, or by using the online booking or enquiry forms found on our website www.cheztoi.biz. On receipt of your details we will confirm by email our availability for your requirements. We will hold the date of the booking in question for one week until you can either confirm or release it. The party leader must supply their full name and contact details, and will be responsible for all payments due in relation to the booking. After discussing the booking with us, a non refundable deposit of 10% of the total amount must be paid to us to confirm the booking. If the booking is taken 8 weeks or less prior to the arrival date in resort, the full payment is due in order to confirm the booking.

We accept payment by bank transfer, and will issue an invoice for any payments made by email.

Once the deposit (or full payment of eight weeks or less until arrival date) is paid, we consider the booking confirmed and will confirm in writing by email to you. At this 8 week point we will send you an email requesting any dietary requirements. We will need this information no later than two weeks before arrival in resort, and the failure to supply us with any important dietary information before this point will be treated as a breach of contract by you.

Any balance is due 4-8 weeks before arrival in resort. We will send you a reminder email and invoice for the final amount before it is due.

It is your responsibility to inform the owners/managers of the chalets you are using that you are employing outside caterers before confirming your booking as we cannot be held responsible for any problems or cancellations that may come about due to not informing them. You must also provide their contact information to us so we can arrange access to the chalet for the duration of your booking.


  • Changes to your booking.

Should you wish to make any changes to the booking you must inform us in writing, and we may not be able to guarantee that we can meet any such requests that were not advised at the point of booking.

The menus on our website are example menus, and are subject to change depending on what is available in resort, and major changes will be discussed and finalised with you. Minor changes may be made without consulting you.

  • Cancelling a booking

*Please ask for our current cancellation terms in relation to Covid-19 – we are allowing certain changes to bookings under these circumstances*

Should you or any member of your party need to cancel a booking, you must inform us immediately in writing. Cancellation charges will then be as set out below, in order to cover the cost of booking, and the likely hood that we will be able to resell the cancelled service.

Cancelled more than 56 days in advance – Cancellation charge will be the deposit amount.

Cancelled within 42-55 days in advance – 30% of total price will be charged as a cancellation fee.

Cancelled within 28-41 days in advance – 50% of total price will be charged as a cancellation fee.

Cancelled within 15-27 days in advance – 80% of total price will be charged as a cancellation fee.

Cancelled less than 14 days in advance – No money will be refunded.

Depending on the reasons of cancellation, you may be able to claim under your travel insurance.

  • In resort.

We work closely with Chalet companies and owners, and will ensure that whichever chalet we are cooking in we will treat with the utmost respect. We will bring in all the food and equipment for your booking and keep it in the chalet facilities. All food is freshly prepared on site. At the end of the booking we will remove all food and rubbish and deep clean the kitchen, leaving it as we found it. Any breakages made by us will be replaced or paid for by us. Any damage or breakages made by a member of your party to any area of the chalet in question are your responsibility as agreed with the Chalet owners/managers when you booked with them.

We accept responsibility for ensuring all parts of our contract with you are performed, but cannot accept liability if we have not been informed by you of something we should know, or if something unforeseen or unavoidable happens that is out of our control.

We can not be held responsible in the event of change or cancellation to your booking resulting from natural disaster or any other unforeseen circumstances.